34 Delicious & Healthy Guilt Free Snacks Under 100 Calories

Most nutrition experts agree: snacking is an important part of a healthy eating plan or weight loss diet. It keeps hunger pangs and cravings at bay, and maintains blood sugar levels – a vital component of weight maintenance, weight loss, and overall health. Snacking doesn’t, however, mean you can load up on unhealthy muffins, ice-creams, cookies, and other sugary treats! Here are 34 healthy and… [read more]

34 Incredible DIY Bird Feeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Beautiful Birds

Birds aren’t just beautiful creatures that bring life and vitality to your outdoor living space, they help you in your garden efforts by reducing pests. Some species even help pollinate. What’s more, many bird species are endangered and require our help and protection. By building a DIY bird feeder, you’ll attract more of these winged beauties to your garden, and reward them for their hard… [read more]

37 Totally Genius Ways To Re-Use Empty Paper Rolls

You may be inclined to toss toilet paper rolls in the recycling heap, but these humble cardboard tubes have a surprising number of applications. And cutting down on household waste while letting your creative juices flow is always a worthwhile endeavor! Here are 37 ways that kids and adults can put cardboard toilet paper rolls to good use. 1. Recycled Butterfly Oasis – attract a multitude… [read more]

The 21 Day Elimination Diet To Identify Food Sensitivities & Banish Mystery Illnesses

Food sensitivities don’t just cause an array of unpleasant reactions which affect day-to-day life, they can have long-term implications for overall health. So many people have food intolerances which are causing stress to their bodies, yet they don’t even know it! These intolerances lead to issues like bloating and digestive discomfort, IBS, migraines or headaches, fatigue, skin conditions like eczema, aches and pains, sinus or… [read more]

13 Things That Happen To You When You Practice Deep Breathing

Breathing is something we take for granted – we do it every minute of every day of our lives. But how many of us truly engage in deep and controlled breathing? This technique, which involves slower, more meaningful inhalations and exhalations, may be the secret to overall health and longevity. The average adult takes 15 to 20 breaths per minute, yet medical textbooks suggest the… [read more]

15 Hidden Triggers Migraine Sufferers Should Avoid At All Costs

More than 37 million Americans suffer from migraines – a debilitating condition involving intense pulsing head pains that can persist for several hours, or several days. But migraines are more than just severe headaches. They can be accompanied by a myriad of other symptoms such as mood changes, constipation, cravings, visual disturbances, weakness or numbness in the face or body, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, and… [read more]

17 Surprising Things You Had No Idea Were Making You So Tired

Our levels of energy constantly rise and fall over the course of our lives, and even throughout each day. But continually feeling zapped of energy is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Usually, this kind of fatigue is caused by lifestyle habits which aren’t always obvious! Here are 17 sneaky energy-draining factors which could be responsible for your exhaustion. 1. A Lack… [read more]

12 Surprising Signs A Hidden Food Sensitivity Is Destroying Your Health

Are you constantly feeling under the weather, without knowing exactly why? Have seemingly minor health conditions with no known cause? You may well have an undetected food sensitivity. Unlike true allergies, these kinds of food intolerances aren’t life-threatening, and symptoms usually come on gradually. In fact, symptoms may not show themselves every time you eat the food, especially if you only eat a small amount,… [read more]

28 Innovative High Protein Breakfast Recipes To Keep You Full All Day

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal. Not only does it fuel us up to face the day ahead, but it promotes longevity, overall better health, and weight management. To really elevate your breakfast game – particularly if you want to shed a few pounds – consider making your first meal a high-protein one. Several studies show it has some impressive benefits.… [read more]

20 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Garden

Don’t let the fact that you have a small landscape hold you back from enjoying the benefits of gardening. Small gardens – or even balcony spaces – have a lot going for them, and can bring you just as much joy as a larger plot! These intimate spaces can be the perfect place to cozy up in the evening, or trap the sun’s rays on… [read more]