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20 Ways A Bottle Of Lavender Essential Oil Will Change Your Life

Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs.  Its various health benefits range from pain relief and mental clarity to use as an anti-bacterial cleanser and a natural deodorant.   NOTE: Lavender is also an emmenagogue, meaning that it promotes menstruation and blood flow to the pelvic area.  Pregnant and nursing women should consult with their physician before using this oil for any application. Want a… [read more]

12 Eye-Opening Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Should Be In Every Home

Vinegar – the acidic liquid produced by the fermentation process of all manner of fruits, vegetables and grains – is one of the oldest and most useful remedies in the world.  Of the many forms of vinegar available today, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is widely recognized as the most potent and beneficial of them all.  Unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar is packed with raw enzymes… [read more]

10 Mind Blowing Reasons Why You Need Coconut Oil In Your Life

Of all of the ‘super foods’ on the market, coconut oil may just be the reigning champion of them all with an endless list of benefits.  Organic virgin coconut oil has positive effects for every system in the human body, many of which have been tested and confirmed by scientific research.  From skin care and weight loss to hormone balance and mental accuity, here we… [read more]

Top 10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Fast

Onychomycosis – commonly known as toenail fungus – is characterized by inflammation, pain, and swelling of the toe, as well as yellowing, thickening, and crumbling of the nail itself.  Toenail fungus can be the result of abnormal pH of the skin, continuous exposure to moisture, wearing synthetic socks, compromised immune system, sweat build-up in shoes, poor foot hygiene, or weak circulation such as that caused… [read more]

50 Surprising Uses For Essential Oils That Will Blow Your Mind

There are seemingly endless choices when it comes to buying essential oils and for every oil, there are at least a dozen uses.  From blends to the basics, here we’ll give you some great ideas for just what to do with that impressive collection growing in your cabinet. Need some essential oils to add to your collection? Add this 14 bottle essential oil set from Plant… [read more]

11 Surprising Foods That Fight Cellulite

There are plenty of natural remedies to combat cellulite, the sub-dermal fat stores that give an unsightly bumpy texture to the surface of skin.  Cellulite is most common in women, but can also affect men in certain cases.  While some people simply have a genetic predisposition for this type of fat, cellulite can also be caused by hormonal issues, environmental pollution, smoking, and build-up of… [read more]

10 Incredible Ways Himalayan Salt Will Change Your Life

The Himalayas – the tallest mountains in the world – span 2400 kilometers across Asia at the joining of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates.  Where these proud peaks now stand, 250 million years ago was a primordial sea.  Within that ancient body of water existed a perfect, pristine ecosystem.  As the plates of the earth moved and over the ages pushed the Himalayas toward… [read more]

17 Personal Care Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again

If you knew how many harmful toxins and dangerous chemicals exist in your everyday store bought personal care products, you’d be amazed. Not to mention how much these products cost every month. Making your own personal care products is simple, frugal and a great way to cut down on your exposure to toxins. Take a look at our day diary, revealing how you can replace every single… [read more]

11 Natural Cheats For Getting Rid Of Cellulite Once & For All

Cellulite – sub-dermal fat stores which give skin a signature ‘cottage cheese’ or ‘orange peel’ texture that makes women cringe and reach for jeans instead of shorts – is usually due to a number of factors.  Some people have a genetic predisposition for cellulite.  For others there may be hormonal issues at work.  Poor diet, smoking, frequent and extended periods of sitting or standing in… [read more]